VTA Pneumatic Viscosel

  • Convenient & Inexpensive
  • Responsive
  • Measures In-line
  • Quality Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to Change Range
  • Standard or Custom Mounting
  • ±1% accuracy full scale
  • Easy-to-read viscosity indication
  • Safe pneumatic operation
  • Finely modulated control

The VTA-120 includes viscosity indication and control in one complete package and is widely used on line in the printing and coatings industries for automatic addition of solvents. The Viscosel is a pneumatic viscosity indicator for inexpensive viscosity control in explosion proof environments.

  • Range: 0-35 cP min 0-2000 cP max
  • Output: 0-15 psig to solvent valve; 3-15 psig linear signal proportional to viscosity to receiver gauge and optional recorder
  • Input Air: 20-22 psig regulated input; 3 scfm consumption max.
  • Flow: Sample chamber requires 1 gpm max.
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