• Microprocessor-based technique and an easy-to-operate human-machine interface;
  • The control card is fit for various detectors;
  • Features self-test and fault self-diagnosis functions;
  • Alarm and fault channels that features real-time display;
  • Complete alarm function, both warning set point A1 and alarm set point A2 can be set independently;
  • Besides two contact outputs of concentration and fault & alarm, another set of common alarm contact output is also available;
  • Features a 4-20mA analog signal output that is in relevant to the field gas concentration;
  • Features alarm log and fault log functions;
  • Features a RS485(Modbus) communication interface output.
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The T200 gas monitor (wall mounted) is a microprocessor based intelligent controller with outstanding performance and complete alarm function. The T200, together with our combustible gas , toxic gas and flame detectors like GT-CT8900, Ultra IR800 ,GQ-CE8900 and Ultra FL800, etc., can form a fire or gas detection & alarm system to continuously monitor leakage of combustible or toxic gases in the environment and to prevent fires.

The T200 monitor consists of a wall-mounted chassis (including the register card) and control cards. The control card can supply power to the detector and receive the signal that is proportional to the gas concentration from the detector. The control card has a LED that will digitally display concentrations of target gases. It also outputs audible & visual and contact alarm signals when concentrations exceed the set point. The control card also has a 4-20mA analog signal output that is related to the field concentration and then the register card shall output relevant RS485 signals.

The T200 gas monitor features a multichannel and plug-in structure. Both 8-channel and 16-channel(loop) models are available.


T200(Wall Mounted) Chassis
Model T200
Specification 8W 16W
Channel 8 16
Dimension 550×400×165 600 ×470 ×165
Ordering Number
73000-1 73000-2
Power Consumption
220VAC/5W (without the control card)
Output warning,alarm,fault 0.3A/125VAC 1A/30VDC
Temperature 0- 40℃ (MAX-18℃~ 65℃ )
Humidity 5~ 95%RH (non-condensing)


T200 Control Card
Model T200
Specification C T T F
Adaptive Detector
GT-CT8900 Ultra IR800

see T200-C datasheet
GQ-CE8900 see T200-T datasheet
Ultra FL800
see T200-F datasheet
Display Range
0~ 100%LEL
Two-digit display
Three-digit display
Two-digit display
Ordering Number
72100-1 72100-3 72100-4 72100-5
Output Signal 4-20mA (load≤500Ω)
Output warning,alarm,fault 0.3A/125VAC 1A/30VDC
Channel Power
200mA/24VDC(without the detector)


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