Series CSK

  • Compact size
  • Multiple electrical connections
  • Single pole single throw, floating contact
  • Factory preset or field adjustable
  • 20-120 psi to 1000-3000 psi

For smallest size and lowest cost, the CSK series is the switch of choice. With a high proof pressure of 9000 psi, the CSK includes pressure ranges from 20-120 psi to 1000-3000 psi. The CSK is available in DC switching only, SPST. As with the entire CS series, gold contacts are available.

Wherever customer requirements call for a quality low-cost pressure switch where size is critical in demanding environments, the new CS series is a smart choice.


General Specifications*

Accuracy: +/- 4% of full set point range
Switch: SPST; Creep action (fl oating contact)
Wetted Parts: Nitrile (Optional Viton & EPDM) Diaphragm; Zinc plated steel fitting
Electrical Connection: Free Leads – 18”
1/4 inch spade
Leads with Deutsch 2 pins
Enclosure Ratings: Switch sealed IP65 except exposed terminals
Process Connection: 1/4” NPT
1/8” NPT
7/16-20 SAE
G 1/4
9/16-18 SAE
Temperature Range: -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C)
Adjustment Instructions:
Pressure Setpoint:
Turn 1/8” allen wrench adjustment screw clockwise to increase pressure; counterclockwise to decrease pressure
Shipping Weight: 0.15 lbs (0.07 Kg.)
* See product configurator for additional options.

Wiring Code

Normally Open Black 2 PIN B
Common Black 1 PIN A
Normally Closed Black 2 PIN B


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