Series 9040, 9080

  • Original Shear-Seal® technology
  • Low pressure drop
  • Tolerates contaminates
  • Spring return option
  • Flexible design

Barksdale's Low Pressure OEM Valve line provides exceptional directional control for fluids and gasses up to 500 psi in the toughest industrial applications. Using Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology the OEM Valve products offer dependable performance and long life even when the media being controlled is contaminated with debris that would ruin ordinary valves. Flexibility is built into the Low Pressure OEM Valve line which features several standard options that can be adapted to meet the unique needs that OEM customers require in their products.


General Specifications*

Working Pressure: Gasses or hydraulic fluids up to 500 psi (34 bar)
Flow Capacity, Cv: See table
Back Pressure: Must not exceed 250 psi (17.2 bar) at return port for satisfactory operation
Pressure Drop: 14 psi (0.96 bar) at 20 ft/sec See Supplemental Guide for more detailed information
Proof Pressure: 1-1/2 times working pressure except at return port
Burst Pressure: 2-1/2 times working pressure except at return port (500 psi [34 bar])
Media Temperature Range: -40° to +250°F (-40° to +121°C)
Wetted Material:
Pressure Seals:
Body, Housing:
Standard O-rings:
Hard anodized aluminum
Stainless steel
Anodized aluminum
Tefl on/stainless steel
Buna N, others available

Flow Capacity Table

Flow Capacity (Approx.)
Service: Oil
Main Valve Port Size 20 ft/sec
40 ft/sec
60 ft/sec
gpm (l/min)
Min. Flow Passage Dia. Cv Factor Approx. Shipping Weight lbs (kgs)
1/2 & 3/4″ 14 (53) 28 (106) Use Heavy Duty Valve 17/32 “ 4.8 3 (1.4)
1 “ 25 (95) 51(190) 23/32 “ 9.2 10-1/2 (4.8)
1-1/2 “ 62 (235) 124 (471) 1-1/8 “ 24 20 (9.1)


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