E1S, E1H Series

  • Superior resolution
  • Long life
  • Easy setpoint adjustment
  • Ideal for pressure or vacuum applications
  • NEMA 1, 3 & 4, IP65
  • Stripped and housed versions available
  • Diaphragm Seal Option Available

The E1S and E1H Econ-O-Trol Pressure Switches deliver powerful performance in a compact, economical package. Available in corrosion resistant thermoplastic or die cast aluminum, this switch measures, controls and switches pressures from vacuum to 500 psi. A snap action micro-switch eliminates the inconsistent operation of floating contacts found in similar designs. This UL recognized and CSA listed switch can be used for high and low limit control, safety shutdown and alarm functions for most industrial equipment applications. When the application is critical and space is limited, the Barksdale E1S and E1H Econ-O-Trol Pressure Switch are the ideal choice to meet your requirements.


General Specifications*

Accuracy: ± 2% of the adjustable range
Single pole double throw (SPDT) snap action; single circuit
Class H limit switch: 10 amps @ 125/250 VAC; 3 amps @ 480 VAC; 0.5 amps @ 24 VDC (standard).
Wetted Parts:
Process Fitting:
Seals & Diaphragms:
Anodized aluminum (standard)
Buna-N (standard)
Anodized aluminum (housed models)
Electrical Connection:
Stripped Models:
Housed models:
Screw terminals
Screw terminals via 1/2″ NPT female conduit connection
Enclosure Ratings:
Stripped models:
Housed models:
NEMA 4 & IP65
Pressure Connection:
Stripped models:
Housed models:
1/2″ NPT external with 1/8″ NPT internal
1/4″ NPT female


PED (European):

Stripped models: UL recognized component (UR)
Housed models: UL listed. File No. E42816
All models and modifications shown are CSA listed under Guide 380-W-1.16, Class 3231, File LR22355
Compliant to PED 97/23/EC
Temperature Range:
-20° to +165°F (-7° to +74°C)
Adjustment Setpoint:
Positive Pressure:


Adjustable Deadband (Optional):

Turn self locking adjustment nut clockwise to increase setpoint; counterclockwise to decrease setpoint.

Turn self locking adjustment nut counterclockwise to increase setpoint, clockwise to decrease setpoint (towards 30?? Hg).

Turn small self locking adjustment nut on limit switch counterclockwise to increase differential. As the differential is increased, the setpoint is also increased. Balance one adjustment against the other to obtain the desired setpoint.

Options: -Plastic cover (stripped models only)
-NEMA 4X enclosure (housed models only)
-Cleaned for oxygen service
-Manual reset
-Adjustable deadband
Shipping Weight:
Housed models:
Stripped models:
0.5 lbs. approx.
0.25 lbs. approx.
* See product confi gurator for additional options.


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