Precision Control Thailand understands the importance of Communication and Security components in the overall engineering aspect, and thus works very closely with Tech giants like Advantech and Hiview Thailand to provide various Communication and Security Survillence System which fullfills the common industrial communication standard requirements. Our knowledge and capability over the years in design and implementation of these system also enable us to provide a valuable service helping our client to built a more stable and secured control environment.


With the years of experience in industrial communication protocol, media and platform, implementated on various environment with differnet control element, Precision Control Thailand is able to analyst, design and propose the most efficient and cost effective communication solution to suit our customer need.  

We believe in a stable and concrete partnership with our communication media supplier such as Advantech which we regularly update ourselves in the latest product development and technology, merging these knowledge into our conventional system design and drive toward IOT implementation. 


    Understanding the importance and effect of security element toward a safety and confidentoa; control area, Precision Control Thailand has start to undertaking various security products such as CCTV, fire alarm system, intruder alarm system and area access control.

    Been an EPC and O&M for various Solar farm has give us a opportunity to combine these elements into our whole system design and implementation,