HT Digital Probe Level Sensor

  • Multivariable readings
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable level measurement
  • Material’s electrical characteristics and densities do not affect readings
  • Easy to install, no technician needed
  • Mixed hydrocarbons will not cause level measurement errors
  • A variety of floats are available

The Drexelbrook 7230 Series HT Digital Probe is a magnetostrictive probe for high temperature applications in the oil and gas industry including pipeline tanks and oil and water separators. The level sensor provides a multi-variable output that includes level, interface and temperature data that only requires one process connection.

There are two communication protocols available.

The 7231 level sensor with Modbus RTU is the standard protocol.

The 7235 level sensor that comes with a proprietary, ASCII protocol and is recommended for OEM applications. An optional Analog interface is also available.

What is impressive about this instrument is that the measurements are completely independent of changes in the process material’s electrical characteristics and densities. Hydrocarbon based condensates have a predictable range of specific gravity that are well within the range of the standard floats, which means that variations in hydrocarbon make up will not cause level measurement errors. In addition, the measurements are not affected by vapors, stratification, or temperature changes. This makes the 7230 Series level sensor ideal for applications where liquids with different physical characteristics are mixed in one tank such as condensate and separator tanks.

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