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BF35 Viscometer

  • Easy speed changes
  • Conventional oilfield rotor, bob and torsion spring
  • Adjustable table height to accommodate a variety of beaker/container sizes
  • Shear stress values displayed on easy-to-read lighted dial
  • Maintains a constant shear rate under varying input power and drilling fluids
  • Measures viscosity of drilling muds and fracturing fluids according to established methods from the American Petroleum Institute and the ASTM
With it’s conventional oilfield rotor, bob and torsion spring, maintaining rheology history and reproducibility between instruments is easy. The BF35 maintains a constant shear rate under varying input power and drilling fluid conditions while providing drilling fluid engineers with an accurate and versatile tool.


The BF35 operates on a different measurement technique than traditional standard Brookfield Viscometers. The sample is placed in the cup and the spindle/chamber combination is then immersed into the sample. When the motor is turned on, the chamber rotates while the spindle remains stationary. When the dial reading becomes stable, the torque reading is recorded and manually converted into a viscosity value in centipoise.

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