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  • Compact, full function weight indicator – controller
  • DIN Rail mount enclosure
  • 700,000 count resolution; eight millisecond sample rate
  • Dynamic digital filtering with on-line diagnostics
  • 8 open collector discrete setpoint outputs with main (coarse) and dribble (fine) operation
  • High speed 120 update-per-second setpoint actuation
  • 4-20mA current output
  • LCD weight and status display
  • Remote inputs functions – zero, tare, gross, net, print


  • 24 Volt dc operation (external power supply required)

The Model PS-2010W offers high performance for applications that require a small, simple, full function weight transmitter and controller. Packaged much like a mini-PLC .brick., the PS-2010W can be DIN rail mounted inside an existing cabinet. The standard RS-485 serial port interfaces easily with PLC/DCS systems using conventional ASCII protocol. A 16 bit resolution 4-20 mA analog current output is available. With 700,000 count resolution at an unfiltered sample rate of eight msec, the PS-2010W is well suited for high speed batch process control, checkweighing, and continuous feeding applications. Simple setup and calibration is performed using the integral LCD display and keypad assembly or optional Weigh-View. PC software. In either case, Plug-n-Weigh® technology eliminates the need for test weights in most applications and greatly simplifies the calibration of systems that do require loading. In addition to Plug-n- Weigh®, the standard unit also includes Dynamic Digital Filtering and full set point features such as main, dribble, and in-flight compensation. Eight high speed setpoints provide precision control for time critical applications.




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