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  • Designed for NIST Handbook 44 compliance
  • Canadian weights and measures and NTEP CoC
  • Rate-by-weight (Mass Flow) operation
  • Expansion slot for A-B remote I/O, Modbus Plus, or future fieldbus
  • FM and CSA approved
  • Up to 8 setpoint relay outputs
  • Optional 16 bit analog output

LCM-200 .Expert. Series Controllers are specifically designed for Class III and Class IIIHD scale systems. Each unit meets NIST Handbook 44 (NTEP) and Canadian Weights and Measures legal-for-trade requirements. Tamperproof sealing combined with configuration menu locks ensures maximum security for LCm-200 based systems. LCm-200s are compatible with all strain gage type load cells and interface easily with any PLC, PC, or DCS based supervisory control system. High performance .Expert. features include Plug-n-Weigh® quick calibration, rate-by-weight mass flow measurement, continuous on-line diagnostics, and dynamic digital filtering. Process control options provide high resolution 16 bit analog output, eight solid state setpoint relay outputs, and various ommunication standard protocols such as Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Modbus Plus, Modbus RTU, and Fisher Provox. The integral Safe-Weigh® Software Operating System encompasses over 50 years of BLH application expertise. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor system performance and alert operating personnel to potential problems before they happen.




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