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  • Analog output ±10VDC, 0-20 or 4-20mA
  • Serial communications: RS-485, MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Internal resolution > 8000000 counts
  • Relay outputs
  • Compact DIN rail mounting
  • CE compliant – EMC and Low Voltage

AST 3P is a DIN rail mounted, high performance transmitter designed for apllications with strain gauge transducers. It converts the output from connected loadcells into a very stable signal suitable for PC or PLC based control systems AST 3P is typically used where a local display is essential either for displaying data or for front panel set-up. The set-up and calibration procedure is easily performed either from the front panel or by using the deltaCOM programme via a standard PC running under Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/ME/XP. All set-up data can be stored in the host computer and downloaded in case of replacement of the transmitter (full deltaCOM version is required). The transmitter is fitted with two relay ouputs having a response time of less than 20 msec. for use in high precision level control applications. A unique and patented A/D converter, of high resolution and stability, serves as the heart of the transmitter. This advanced technology provides both analogue and serial outputs which can be conditioned to give the user accurate, stable and rapid response measurement information. The AST 3P is compatible with other instruments in the Nobel programme and can communicate via standard RS-485/MODBUS RTU protocol with a common process control host – PC/PLC. Fieldbus communication is possible via the GATE 3S module from Nobel. The transmitter is CE marked, and fully compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage directives




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