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Thermosel Spindles and Chambers

Brookfield offers a variety of spindles and chambers — including disposable for hard to clean materials — for use with the Thermosel System.

Brookfield offers an extensive range of Thermosel spindles to provide a vast viscosity range.  Our most popular spindle/chamber combination is also available in a rugged, yet disposable version.

Thermosel Spindles and Chambers Link hanging configuration is standard
SC4-18 1.32 N 8.0 mL
SC4-311 .34 N 10.0 mL
SC4-341 .28 N 9.5 mL
SC4-21 .93 N 8.0 mL
SC4-272 .34 N 10.5 mL
SC4-281 .28 N 11.5 mL
SC4-291 .25 N 13.0 mL
HT-DIN-81 1.29 N 7.0 mL

1.SC4-XXBS=Solid Shaft. Not available for SC4-18 and SC4-21 spindles.
2.Also available as SC4-27D-100 Disposable Spindles (100 units) – requires Part No. SC4-DSY for attachment to viscometer. 

HT-2 Sample Chamber-Reuseable, stainless steel
HT-2DB-100 Sample Chamber-Disposable, aluminum 100 units

Note: See Enhanced UL Adapter for spindle ranges.